Charles & Quan

L’Indochineur is the fruit of a journey of discovery to Vietnam undertaken by a young Frenchman named Charles Coutris, who had been sent there in the context of the cooperation between the two countries in 2001. Tasked with teaching the Vietnamese officers French, he soon became fluent in the local language. Having fallen in love with the country and its culture, he made up his mind to travel the length and breadth of the country, so as to uncover the extraordinary richness of its craftsmanship during his travels.

Charles founded L’Indochineur in 2002, and began offering for sale, in France, decorative items and fashion accessories specially selected by him in Vietnam. The venture was a resounding success, with his clients enchanted by the subtle finesse of the Vietnamese craftsmanship and the playful colors of his products. By now a fluent speaker of Vietnamese, Charles was able to work directly with the artisans right from the start, visiting particular villages depending on the specific know-how he required at the time.  

Before long, L’Indochineur was throwing itself into creating its own collections of jewelry, table arts and decorative items, combining the unique know-how of the Vietnamese artisans with a pared down and contemporary style. This approach, with its blend of Vietnamese and French influences, soon found an eager target market. Today, with a head office near Paris (at Châtillon) and boosted by its dynamic team of ten staff, L’Indochineur offers its creations to a growing number of professionals, primarily in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.


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